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Wedding Planning Made Simple in Theory but Dynamic in Practice

Our family took a leap of faith this year and purchased a wedding and events venue. We have dabbled in the hospitality world for more than 30 years- mostly in the catering and food industry but have had a lot of experience in planning and decorating as well. As we learned from planning our first two children's wedding (and hopefully we will be pros by the time the next 2 walk down the aisle) is that there are a lot of moving parts, and we could have used a lifeline to help us. That is the business model we are implementing- how can we make this process more convenient but make sure it is personalized? I will be using this blog to ask you- our (hopefully) partners into the wedding planning world what services are important what styles are preferable and just sharing tips and letting you share the fun as we source materials and make each wedding a magical experience. #thehangarweddingandeventvenue

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